January 18th, 2008


Word Smif

I am not know for my erudite tale telling or manipulation of the English language.
Nor am I particularly bothered it has to be said…….Baaaaaaad Fencing Sculptor …I know.

And my spilling is leg endry.

However I am particular proud of coining a couple of new words which to the very best of my knowledge I am

Exploding Fatwa pixie = Suicide Bomber (Iraq or anywhere else)

Chav-weiler = Ferocious Female chav which is hard to distinguish between those rottweiler and pit bull dogs so beloved of the pikey scum that seems to account for an alarmingly, ever increasing, percentage of the populous of this once great nation.

I thought this morning that I had coined a third term.

‘Geekbunker’ = the abode or preferred room of a geek.

For me this would definitely apply to my studio which is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of books, art materials, sculptures in various stages of completion, action figures, DVDs IT equipment swords and film props. I love it

Sadly on this occasion I’ve been beaten too it….


But I think I shall refer to my studio as the geek bunker from now on.

"Help me show restraint Obi Wan...you are my only hope"

Play.com are severely testing my woefully inadequete levels of self control

Having just helped them clear remaining stocks of master Replica's Lightsabres probably the most fun you can have with something that's long pink and throbbing with the power of the force...

Now they e-mail me about these amazingly detailed full sized replica helmets modelled from the original Star Wars movie prop for only £59.99 rebellion credits. You'd be hard pressed to find such a hive of scum and villiany as they....


"Help me show restraint Obi Wan...you are my only hope"

Friday in Summary

Right Friday in Summary…

So boring cr@p work …check.
Grey wet and generally gopping …check
Getting the cr@p cardboard 5 Disc Bladerunner DVD instead of the shiny tin version I ordered ………check
Faith in lasting love, family, hope and joy….destroyed …..check
Cinefex January 2008 edition waiting for me in Bromley….. Check.

Well Shite seems to sum it up I think