January 15th, 2008


Neck freeze

I have taken the day off work today.

I got up as normal and went through the bathroom but while drying off after my shower my neck clicked and the whole thing froze up.

It was very painful.

I think coaching last night (looking over my right shoulder whle wearing a fencing mask won't have helped) it was a strain , my neck muscles obviously need some physio / loosening up.

It has eased with some codine and several hot water bottles.
I'm fine though otherwise and should beback to work tomorrow.

Stupid thing is no one will treat me for whiplash until I've seen the independent Docotor next Monday ...who'll tell me I have Whiplash....which we've all known scince December 26th.

How stupid and slow is the system.

In the mean time I found pictures of new Dr Who goodies ...


Kylies bumimortalised in plastic...even if it is only 5"



Packaged and arriving in shops soon apparently...

I'm not sure whether I'll get the watch ...I might prefer to wait for theMillennium FX licensed prop replica even though it will cost much much more.