January 14th, 2008


Phew well that narrowly avoided an embarrassing mistake !

I just asked a friend whether there was a Holland and Barrett’s here in central London....apparently there's one in Victoria Station (Victoria Place) next to an Ann Summers shop which he felt necessary to point out was a sex shop.

Thank goodness he told me.

I would hate to have gone into the wrong shop and come out with a 'Gimp-Costume' instead of 'Gloucosamine' !!!

Easel-y does it

The weather forecast for today was continuous rain from noon onwards….. as it happens it’s been a bright sunny afternoon and despite getting in a trifle late I have decided I’d pop up to cass arts and exchange my large sketching easel for a studio easel.

So up I popped out and marched through St James’ Park carrying a my two and a half foot long box (by six inches square) under my arm.

On arrival there was no problem with exchanging the type of easel. Though sadly the Cass Art sirens were nowhere to be seen. :o(

I told the bloke at the counter which easel I wanted instead and he sent a youn woman off to get an easel from a backroom/basement.

Cass Arts had two studio easel

A really reheeeeeeeally big one for the very reasonable price of £65 (RRP£150) Studio Easel

And a Daler Rowny Costwold Studio Easel for £35 (RRP£105) which I decided should be sufficient for my needs. Shown here :


Not as “Gucci” as the easel I posted a picture of last week – but certainly up to what I need it for and all I can afford at present. I signed the refund and paid for the new easel.

They only had a couple of boxed easels on the shop floor but they all looked largely the same size as the box I’d carried.

However when the poor girl finally arrived (she brought out the Biiiiig Easel first!) the box containing the Cotswold is two and a half foot wide by five foot tall !!!!!!!!

It was sooooooo large I really needed a car to manage it ….but instead I staggered across to the bus stop at the Garrick and waited for a 24….eventually managing the thing back to Eland house….not without a few strange looks from colleagues who saw me carrying a box almost bigger than me…..

… heaven knows how I’m going to get it home on public transport. Since I am laden with fencing gear tonight, that will be a problem to solve another day.

Opps - I didn't really think that through

On the subject of embarrassing parcels in the office I order two Master Replica Lightsabre props from Play.com on Saturday Normally at £90-£120 each I snapped up two of the last versions to be made – Luke Skywalker and Darth Vaders Lightsabres from Star Wars: A New Hope Episode IV.

I bought a second hand Luke Skywalker Episode V lighsabre (the only difference is a small clear piece of bobbley plastic (used on calculators in the 1970’s to magnify the LED display) which wasn’t on the Empire Strikes back sabre.

Only problem is because I live alone and can't have them delivered to home … I gave my work address for delivery…..

I didn’t really think that one through very well did I.

Long box.... wires electronic circuits .... xray security of all parcels ..... inspection of suspicious items.... followed by the inevitable messanger appearing at my desk..... "here's your toy lightsabres".... que much sniggering.

Oh $h!t !