January 10th, 2008


Animal Rights....

Two rabbits one day escape from the testing laboratory.

They see a field of carrots and one says,
"What luck! a field of delicious, juicy carrots after a year of laboratory food."
They tuck in and eat until they can eat no more.

They hop to the next field and, would you believe it, it's full of beautiful female rabbits!
"I can't believe it", says one rabbit,
"Female rabbits after a year of isolation in the laboratory."
A day of happy rabbit, 'sack emptying' then begins.

They go to the next field and one rabbit says,
"You know what mate, I want to go back to the testing laboratory."
His mate says,
"WHAT! we have freedom, females, juicy carrots, sun, fields etc...
Why do you want to go back?"

"Well" he says,
"It's been two days since I've had a cigarette and I'm gagging for one."


Feeling a little def pu today.

It appears that the Nepal Trek as it was originally envisaged is not going to take place.

We had planned to fly from Kathmandu to Simikot in the far west of Nepal. Trek up and cross the border into Tibet. Once in Tibet we would trek and camp up to Mount Kailash, the focal point of the Buddhist and Hindu faiths, trek round the foot of the mountain and then trek on to the Tibetan Plateau where we’d hook up with a couple of Jeeps and drive the 900km to Lahasa originally the home of the Dali Lama before flying back from Lahasa to Kathmandu.

It is arguably about as ‘gnarly’ an expedition as a newbie trekker could put together. Sure it would have been expensive but…….awesome!

The trip now Bill and his Girlfriend are simply planning to go back to the Khumbu trekking by day and lodging in tea houses en route to all the regular tourist sites. As much as I would love to go back, especially to spend some more time in Gokyo (my own personal Shangri-La) I am reluctant to spend the better part of £1.1k on the same (or mostly similar trip) to the last holiday I had in 2006.

So reluctantly I think I shall instead focus on doing some minor building work, and redecoration of my bedroom, by a new PC (one with more then 56mb free on the hard disk and 56k dial up internet connection|) ….and just maybe a XBox 360.

A Sudden Stroke of Genius…..reinforced by the memory of a goldfish

Had a great sci fi idea this morning which as far as I know has never been done before - it came to me a flash of inspiration while watching an episode of the X Files over break fast…. But by the time I readied myself for work I’d forgotten to make a not….and now, when I remembered I had this brilliant idea this morning, I’ve completely forgotten the premise of the concept.


How ever since I was returning from the art supplies shop carrying a large easel I did dream up a rather handy gadget which could be used to carry large awkward boxes...... the device would be a custom plastic handle and some cordora webbing straps and some of the shelf webbing attachements.......

Now, how do I apply for the BBC's 'Dragons Den'.....

edited to add: It was something to do with multiple universes..the episode I was watching was Kill Switch which was about AI loose on the internet

Painting Apollo 16 Hadley Rille

Having wandered up to Cass Arts at lunch time I asked a kooky looking but very lovely looking with it, young shop assistant for advice on the bewildering array of types of acrylics for my latest planned work -the brief being “I’m doing a large piece 4/5 by 2foot on hard board will these cheap-as-chips acrylics allow me to do use bush /pallet knives impasto style work?”

I was at the cash register with enough acrylic to float a battle ship along with a big tub of acrylic impasto paste to mix with the paint. However another equally attractive and very very lovely eyed assistant explained that the Impasto gel tended to dry very glossy indeed and suggested that I’d be better off with the oils……I tried to respond in words that actually made sense ..and replaced my acrylics for big fat tubes of oils also qualifying for a free tube of very expensive artist’s blue paint.

Then I got to choosing a more heavy weight easel. For a good few months I have had it in my mind to replace my crappy lightweight £10 jobbie for a more heavy weight Windsor and Newton Severn Sketching easel which Cass Arts sell for £39.99 instead of £107. However, on seeing the new window arrangement I saw a rather spiffy Daler Rowney studio easel at £37.99 which would certainly be heavy duty enough for my large paintings, but which would take up more space in my studio. I pondered the problem….. The shop assistant had the sort of pouty bottom lip that I just wanted to nibble on … for a very long time…..and this was somewhat distracting in resolving this most complex quandary !

In the end I bought the Severn….after a third Siren had had to go off and recover one for me to look at and I think I may have bought it on the premise that it would be rude not to after she had been so lovely and everything….. but looking at it by my desk I am regretting not opting for the Studio jobbie.

On paying for the items the second angel, the one with big blue doe eyes, said if it wasn’t strong enough I was welcome to bring it back and exchange it for the Studio Easel.

Severn  Sketching Easel
(Severn Sketching Easel)

I think, I’ll sleep on it …and maybe I will take the sketching easel back and exchange it for a Studio one……

Studio Easel
(Studio Easel)