January 9th, 2008


Opps I did it Again...

(This is a Britney Free Post...well it was until I said that !)

Well I've done it again, I have started another (Very ambitious) painting before I have finished the one I was working on last year.

The painting will be of John Young on Hadley Rille on Apollo 16 Mission in April 1972 at Station 10 Prime featuring the LRV (Rover) where he stopped at rake sample site.

(original Nasa Photo AS16-117-18825)

I will not be copying the photograph as with my last painting, I have decided that for aesthetic reasons I will widen the scope of the horizon of my painting and reduce the height, to present it more like a letterbox film strip, like this :


I drew the rough outlines on a 5' by 2' board last night, so this painting will be far and away the largest painting that I have ever attempted.

All I have to decide now is whether to work in oils, or in acrylics.

Oils are very very slow taking well over a week to dry before you can move on to the next stage of work, but they are forgiving as you can constantly rework them - Acrylics are undoubtedly far quicker drying....but ...... any major change of heart will be far more difficult to correct.

I was all set to go up to Cass Arts at Lunch time to buy a large studio Easel, but talked myself out of spending the money. Thinking about it though....I'm going to need a heavy duty easel to manage a piece of this size....I may have to troll up there after work tonight.

Photos of Progress will follow.....