January 8th, 2008


Why isn’t it Friday yet ?

This year by family decree I had my Birthday on Sunday 6th January rather than yesterday as yesterday was my first day back in the office and in the evening I had to take week one of a ten week fencing introductory course.

So in the end it was actually quite a dull day yesterday I didn’t get to speak to my family though I did exchange texts.

I awoke at 5:55 am this morning and found it verrrrrrrrrry difficult to get going, I still have the remnants of my chesty cough and left and forgot to take any thing for it or indeed to bring the cough mixture to work.

However I did get to almost finish a corking book entitled Making a Killing: The Explosive Story of a Hired Gun in Iraq, by James Ashcroft.

It’s a rattling read about an ex British Army Officer who took a job with SPARTAN a private security firm in Bagdad from 2003 to 2006.

What was particularly good was the interpretation of the situation on the ground which is so far removed from what is represented in the media. The author has an incredibly pragmatic interpretation if the sitrep that is not overshadowed by a Coalition Forces , Native Iraqi , media or political perspective.

Very very interesting read…which I hope I shall finish at lunch time…only 5 pages to go !!!

An interesting tag line I found online was as follows...
The Knights Templar - Gods Own Special Forces, kicking arse in the sandy places in days of yore.

New Years Resolutions ....I like a challenge

The Union has given the prole a challenge...

"Any Suggestions?
What things do you think would make 2008 a better year than 2007 for the Department? If you were the Permanent Secretary what New Year’s Resolutions would you make?"

I have come up with one....but it requires great spinal dexterity to enable his head to be placed there...