December 31st, 2007


That Was The Year That Was

So Out with 2007 and in with 2008.

New Years Eve is traditionally a time to look back.

So instead I finished my bathroom.

I washed and PVA sealed the ceiling, constructed my Christmas presant from my Mum and Dad, namely an Ikea Bathroom Cabinet, fixed it to the wall, painted the ceiling, cleaned the whole thing until it sparkled.

Sadly I can't work out entirely how to operate the "Bathroom scales of unpleasant-truth-telling" (also a presant from Mum and Dad) but I can at least say that I finished the dratted room in 2007.

Today I have been a busy, if not tardy, bunny.
Nothing like leaving things to the last minute, eh ?!

My folks have just phoned to tell me that they're not doing New Year this year, and I have realised that I have left it too late to go out and get alcohol of any description or indeed nibbles.

...or dinner actually looking at the time.

So for the first time ever I'll be seeing in the New Year on my own...probably with a cup of tea.

I ROCK! ...just not very much.

Still at least I have a shiny finished bathroom.