December 24th, 2007


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...and all throughout the house nothing was stiring...not even a mouse.

That's because they are pinned down by dust bunnies !

It's Christmas eve and the house looks like a bomshell has gone off and I've run out of time to do anything about it. The living roomis ok but everywhere else is a tip.

I'm been feeling distinctly off colour over the last couple of days. I've had a constant headaceh I feel tired listless and I've lost my appitite.

As usual I've been taking paracetamol and upping the amount of vitimin C and water intake. Aslo at my brothers insistance I've been taking 2-3 minute ice cold showers ... apparently this raises the body's metabolism and assists in the imune systems attack on any virus.

You try motivating your self to get out of a snug warm duvet to go an stand in an ice coldshower.... not fun.

Yesterday I went to Mass and then decided to drive off down to Aylesford Priory - A Benedictine Monastry on the bank of the Medway. The priory was built on the site of a medevil monastry parts of it are genuine but the majority is not, but you couldn't tell, as its all stone built with quadrangles and quaint cottages and gate houses etc...

It's also where we scattered Grandads ashes, so I thought I'd go and say Hi before Christmas.

It was ind of nice being the only person in the rosary way in the early morning, thick fog swirling through the huge trees a spilling over the thick stone walls....a small robin was flitting around the base of the trees looking for something to eat and it was silent stood there ing the cold damp fog.

I had a wander around wishing I'd brought my digital camera.

Ileft after about 30 mins and called in on to visit my Grandma.

Then I headed into Croydon to finish my Christmas Shopping.

Didn't get everything on Sunday (yesterday) which meant I had to go in again today.

I eventually got everything sorted and picked up a shawl/wrap y thing for my mumsome DVD-RWs for my Dad and amn some Baily's rish truffles for Grandma.

I also bought myself a couple of model kits to make....I made a spitfire recently and really enjoyed it ! So now I have a P40 Kittyhawk, an WWII Horton and an ME163 Komet.

Everything wrapped and ready for tomorrow's big push.

I watched theMuppets Christmas Carol ...again...which put me in a slightly more Christmassy mood.... but still not feeling the magic.

As there was little on TV I made most of my Kitty Hawk Model (to the stage of sanding and painting) and made up the Komet's ground vehicle. Eventually finished off by watching midnight mass on the BBC and turned in at 20 to 1:00am.

Just hope I feel better tomorrow.

Goodnight and merry Christmas all !!!