December 20th, 2007


He's a Bad man !

A mate of mine has updated his entry in the Corporate Staff Directory to read as follows:

Business Change Support.
"I'm melting...melllltttiinnnnggggg......"
"No your not..... thats wee...."

...he's a bad lad.

Christmas Luncheon

Been a bit of an odd day today.

I overslept today and then experience major travel problems getting in due to the unseasonally heavy frost...what withit being Winter and all. Slippy rails or mammoths on the line I believe.

So I got in at just after 10am. At twelve I met a mate for a coffee and a sandwich and at 3:30 we all set off for our Divisional Christmas Lunch.

The resteraunt was very good and the food excellent which was a good job really since I jointly picked/suggested Kasan's a Turkish Resteraunt in Pimlico.

We had our Fencing Christmas bash their a few years ago and it was a great success.

It was ok and I chatted away to my line manager and colleagues, but to be honest I wasn't feeling particularly festive today and I really didn't feel like drinking, but you know what these events are like if you aren't drinking; people start focusing on you.... so as well as a couple of glasses of White wine I had a Champagne Mojito / cocktailything and then after the meal at towards 6pm a few of us went to the pub where I had a pint of bitter.

All odd drinks ....some string....while deffinately not drunk ....they certainly didn't make me feelmerry either.

I joined in some general moaning about work which was all generally unenjoyable and left at about 7pm.

Got home at 8:30 and spent the evening watching old DS( episdoes and X files DVDs.

Should have gone to bed a couple of hours ago but I can't seem to wind down and am already stressing a bit about how much I have to do tomorrow.

Evil Fencing Sculptor is currently whispering "don't bother working too hard " in my left ear while Good fencing Sculptor is trying to work out how he can cover all the stuff I should have done weeks and weeks ago but have been too apathetic to bother luck is going to run out one of these days.

My Braaaaaain hurts. I'm calling it a night.