December 18th, 2007


The Horror, The Horror

Ikea Monday night a week before Christmas.

Absolutely blooming ghastly.

We were therefore about an hour and a half, but due to the Ikea 'labyrinth effect' it seemed like hours.

I swear Ikea Croydon has managed the impossible and twisted Time and Relative Dimensions in Space.......Having walked in a straight line I somehow managed to pass the same rug display at least 4 times....quite astonishing.

And the pond life........ eeerrruuugh

The Horror , the horror.

"Help me, Interwebby-Thing; you're my only hope"

What to get my Mum for Christmas.

I haven't the foggiest.....

Rather than buying a single gift this year everyone's got a collection of bits n pieces.

Currently I've bought Mum a Pink Light up Mathmos Phone charm, Mark Haddon's 'The curious incident of the Dog in the Garden', a book on how to remmeber stuff 'i before e except after c' ...but I am now at an absolute loss as to what esle I can get her.....

She doesn't listen to Music and doesn't really do DVDs...... another book on gardening or cooking is probably a book too far....

"Help me, Interwebby-Thing; you're my only hope"

"you scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot"

I see the Thought-Police have been into Radio 1 and banned a few of the lyrics from perennial Christmas fav 'Fairytale of New York'.

I love that song I do.....

...and I've heard far worse from couples while out Christmas shopping this year.

Apparently although this is being rationalised as being done so as not to offend any gay (that's homosexual - but not necessarily happy-homos) technically I believe that this is covered by legislation which by law prevents the broadcast and use of words that are likely to insight hatred of a religious or gender based nature.

Personally I don't care what gender , race, religion they are, what we reallyneed to focus on here is what an utter bunch of mindnumbing-hoofing-twats they must be....