December 11th, 2007


Board Breakfast meetings

The Board has just had a breakfast meeting - they must have been very bored as a plate of Croissants has been passed round the open plan area.

Coffee and Croissants ...yum.

What's it all About......... Alfie

Apparently Led Zeppelin, a popular rock group reformed to play a concert at the Millennium Dome ( I'n NOT calling it the O2) last night.

I remember them in name only, regularly gracing the cover of class-mates copy of Kerraang.....I think.

I can in all honesty say that I have never knowingly heard anything by the group at all....and wouldn't have a clue what they looked or sounded like.

...Although I assume that this is the same Robert Palmer I remember from the Video for "Addicted to love".....although it's not necessarily him that I remeber....

Ooh Shiny....

I went Christmas Shopping at Lunch time....didn't buy any actual Christmas presents but did find an X-file 1/6th Scale Frank Black (Lance Henrikksen) Figurte for £14.99 in ModelZone in Holborn and two new Doctor Who Figures The Master and The 10th Doctor in Pentallion Space Suit.....

...Nice Haul.

Kweznuz Shopping in Croydon this evening.