December 5th, 2007


On Ankles....

I can barely walk to day and any rotation of my ankle joint is excruciating in my left joint and only very painful indeed in my right ankle. I can walk if I keep my left foot on tipy toes and wince everytime I place a load on my right foot. I’m perambulating like Lurch !

After yesterdays run I could barely walk I think I have to accept the fact that my Achilles tendonitis is back with a vengeance if indeed it ever went away.

I think I last saw the Surgeon at Mayday Hospital in late 2005 - He recommended given up running for a while which I have duly done. It had tekne a good 2 to 3 years to get anything approaching any proper treatment from the NHS for the condition. During a 12-18 month period I had manual manipulation/massage (fooking painful and no good), ultrasound (absolutely no fookin good I might as well have bleedin sung a song at my ankles!!) and finally was referred to a consultant sergeon. I was very impressed with him (not) as he looked at my notes , examined my ankle said “yes you have acute achillies tendonitis come back and see me in 6 months. At my last consultation he said “well its not much better give it more time but ultimately we can either Do nothing or Operate : This will either a) make it all better b) make it worse or c) make no difference at all… bye bye.

Two years on,and no sodding change. Only know this could threaten my entrance to the TA.

In my opinion the NHS is geared up to providing assistance and funding to people who generally don’t, won’t or can’t look after their health. Sure the NHS is very good at scraping you out of a car crash and sewing you back together no criticism there, but millions are spent on fighting alcohol related injuries, obesity and smoking but feck all seems to be done for those with sports related or passive conditions that would if cured enable people top lead active and healthy lives.

So now I guess we'll see how good how good the National Health Service is at picking up where it left off. I'm guessing no Frickin good at all …. But I live in hope….even if it is misguided.