December 4th, 2007


The Film of the Book

I love films.
I love books.

Sadly life, work, commuting, training TV, general sloth and sleep deprivation deprive me of both, but I'd have to admit to watching more films than reading.

The last few months have been an exception to this rule and I have avidly consumed a few weighty factual History and Military themed books and have started reading a book on the Cold War.

That is until I remembered that I'm booked up to go and see the Golden Compass on Friday with Matt and Joe.

Captain Beige, an IT geek that will be familiar to one here, lent me a copy of Phillip Pullman’s Northern Lights about 3 years ago….and it sat unread in my desk for yonks… I kept meaning to read it but never got round to it you see…and ended up returning it 6 weeks or so ago.

With the publicity machine in full flow for the films release tomorrow I decided I must read it before the stories celluloid counterpart ruins the literary impact of the novel and my minds eye view of the characters.

So on my way home last night I picked up the trilogy of novels in a 3 for 2 deal and started on Northern Lights.

I know Nichol Kidman is the baddie and that Daniel Craig is Uncle Asriel, but I haven’t really seen much promotional footage so I have managed to form my own view of these characters before I see the film. So far I see someone a bit older and beardier than Mr Bond in the role of Uncle Asriel someone a bit like Sir Ranolph Fiennes, someone a bit more explorerish….

I am loving the richness of the world and the way that it is similar to the real world but ever so slightly different.

I hope to finish it before I see the film Friday night, I’m just such a slow reader.

….so far it’s a fookin much better read than Harry Potter…and ...I wonder if the Master is Gay ?

One for Mr Telemeister

I was listening to BBC Radio 4 last night as always and caught the Monday edition of 'Front Row' with Mark Lawson. I listened to a review or the Golden Compass (see my previous post) but then there was an article that I thought telemeister might be interested in.

There was a 3-5 minute piece reviewing a new whizzy Gibson Guitar Robot a self tuning guitar. Mark Lawson went to the launch of the Gibson Les Paul Robot - the first self-tuning guitar - to try to find out whether is one giant step for rock-kind......

The full thing can be heard as a poddy-cast-thingy here:

The show also reviewed the Spice Girls tour... god only oknows why a Art programme would do this......

And according to the blurb the show also reviewed the Magic Flute , my favorite Opera, which appears to have received universally bad reviews........but I missed Front Row's assessment.....

On the Subject of Pain

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place."

-Cyclist Lance Armstrong

Yeah more ****ing pain - fool !

Another bimble round Battersea Park today a snails pace as I could feel tiny weeny ickle ruptures occuring in my Achillies tendons. This does not bode well for the weeks of physical fitness and combat training in months to come.

I can walk just fine,.... so long as I don't try to bend my anckles but that does rather make it look as though one has pooped in one's pants.

The final bit of of Mr Armstrong's wise quote was "If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”

I for one would like to add - but I at least it doesn't sodding hurt like buggery you smug Yank.

This is me hobbling away....


Ok that's Just Weird.....

For some months now all the new members of the Directorate have all been attractive 20 something blondes.

Something terrible odd has just occured.

They have all stood up collectively and left for one of the Directors meeting rooms.

I have the fear.

I reckon there is some Midwich Cuckoo-esque plot being hatched ....!