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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

E-mail and IT Migration
My e-mail and IT systems have all been migrated today.

Untold horror is currently occuring.

As a sweetener I do have a comepletely pointless plastic wormy thing.

Here's to hoping the DVD player in the new towery thingy works.

I bet it doesn't though.

Outraged !
I see that the mild mannered rag-head brigade of Outer-Shit-Hole have arranged a fookin mass demonstration calling for a harsher punishment than the 15 days jail handed out to the British Teacher who's been landed in deep doo doo because one of the children in her class called a Teddy Bear Moohomed or some such shite !


Where ever that picture was taken......that's the GPS co-ordinates for dropping the biggest fcuking Paveway Air-to-Ground missile capable of being strapped under a Tornado.

If I was foregin secretary I'd be telling where they could stick evry grain of rice/food aid sent to Sudan in the past, and inform them they wouldn't be getting any more in food aid and suggest the develop a liking for Beef burgers.

And if we have any outstand aid loans owed I'd want them to pay back yesterday.

Utter grasping Mongs the lot of them.