November 17th, 2007


Doctor Who Time Crash : Children in Need Special

Last night was the Doctor Who Children in Need Special.

A seven minute (or thereabouts) sketch which takes place just after the Tenth Doctor leaves Martha at home on earth and just before the colision between the Tardis and a famous liner.

The sketch dispite being very short was wonderfully scripted - I couldn't for the life of me work out how you could fit a 7 minute stroy in which the 5th and the 10th Doctors meet, have meaningful interaction and finish up where series 3 finshed.

However, Stephen Moffit managed it, and in spades too.

I shan't give any of the plot away but it was a truely wonderful bit of scripting and almost a bit moving really with one Doctor paying tribute to another. It even verged on moving. Especially subtle was the shift in music to the very 80's style of Peter Howell and the Radiophonic Workshop score mixed and intersposed with the Murry Gold new Series music.

Very subtle very clever....very nice.

Of course my apitite is now well and truely whetted for the Dr Who Christmas Special....and the the Dreadful long wait for the new Fourth Series in April/May 2008.

I can't wait that long !