November 16th, 2007



Ah this is what Friday's should be like.

Having been told I'm due a couple of flexi days because of the extra work I've been doing I took today of. Originally to go up to Milton Keynes but now I have a free day.

After alay in and a lazy morning pottering I am Gebersjager'd up and off to spend an afternoon 'budgie bothering' ( that would be birdwatching) at Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve.

Rucksack is packed - flask of coffee drawing pad telescope and bins....

Its a beautiful sunny autumnal day here in Kent...I pity each and every soul stuck in London....I'll be thinking of you as I look out over the misty lakes drinking my hot milky flask of coffee!!

Off I go....

I haven't seen a Kingfisher in about 3 years.

Here's hoping !