November 14th, 2007


A pleasant Surprise (Part 1)

I was very late into work this morning.

I woke at 5:55am but decided that as I left work at almost 6pm last night, I deserved a warm cosy snooze for 35 minutes.

I eventually got up at 6:30 and robotically went about my normal routine made a mug of tea and headed for the shower, out of the shower into the bed room, dry hair, into the studio turn on iron, downstair make porridge oats and a second cup of tea, put oats on table to soak up milk , back upstairs to iron a shirt, put on shirt, nip to loo……

The front door bell went it was 7:15 am.

This never happens.

fortunately I'd finished what I was doing and before wandering downstairs, remembered to put on trousis …

Trotted downstairs and opened front door to be met by a four foot tall packing box.

“Fencing Sculptor” (name changed to protect the innocent)
I responded with a frankly befuddled “yep”.
“Parcel for you”

No kidding I thought.

“I wasn’t expecting a parcel… certainly not one this big!!”

There’s no way that the new pair of Timberland / Time Lord boots I bought off Ebay yesterday could have arrived from the US in under 24 hours…..I peeked out the porch for a large blue Police Public Call Box, with a tall bootless Northerner gurning and or waving at me. There wasn’t one.

I signed the Posty’s Pad and he was off in a shot (appropriate as it goes) I asked after him “ does it say who it’s from”.

“Action” he said as he hopped back into his cab.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I thought
“Oh thanks…! I said “ bit odd this, I’ve arranged a day off on Friday to Drive up to Milton Keynes to collect this”.

“saved you a journey then” beamed back a remarkably cheery Posty, “bye then”. And with that he was gone.

I was left on the doorstep with a huge shipping crate containing what I now knew to be some very, very, very shiny toys.

I knew at once I was going to be even later in to work...