November 7th, 2007


Cluster Map

Bryan's post on Cluster maps reminded me that I signed up for one of these. So I trawled through my e-mails for the old password to see if my map still exists.

Locations of visitors to this page

So what does my map tell us 113 visitors in total....and I'm pretty sure they are all me and my 3 registered friends !!! Hello all !

With such a small following on the thar intarwebby I can probably get away with all sorts....Now I wouldn't want to risk insulting Bush and being sent to Guantanamo - or insulting the rag heading exploding fatwa pixies in case they track me own....

So that just leave the Buddists...... well Buddah got Karma ....and for the time being I have decided not to mess with that....

A World Class waste of money

Oooooooookay (?) !

But given half a billion quid to build a world class stadium... and THIS is the best they could come up with ?

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A circle made of scaffolding with grafitti of athletes on the side?

I bet they got the same **** who designed the London Games logo….

Whoever he is, he’s one bloody rich and completely tallentless git !

In search of shorts

What is it with sports shops these days ??

My rugby shorts which I use for running and the gym have finally completely rotted away revealing one's nuts to the gym going public.

Not wanting to be arrested for deviant behaviour I went in search of new shorts last night in Croydon.

A simple, straightforward task you'd think.
Sadly not.

Every fecking sports shop was decked out in Chav/HIP HOP/Scum StreetWear - with little or no clothing designed for the actual partaking of sport !

When I did eventually find some running shorts they were so fecking prissy and silky I thought I'd wandered into M&Ss lingerie section by mistake....

"I say Spotty-Serving-Youth ! I desire Rugby shorts - black, thick cotton
(i.e. thick enough to fart through without tearing them!!!!) - preferably Kooga and none of your g@y silky $hite!"

The search continues.