November 6th, 2007


Ethical Issues around medical intervention
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As I'm not a parent it's possible I may have missed the finer ethical points of this , but it must raise a lot of very very very serious ethical issues:

a) The little girl looks well (now she's had medical treatment!), and happy ..whats the problem .
b) when she's asked to lend a hand...she can lend three !
c) you wouldn't want to go up against her in a three legged race..she'd whoop your ass !
d) could be Ganesh the multi armed Hindu god reborn....don't mess with a deity.

...I should probably get my coat now.....

edited for:

e) Could hold a knife and fork, and a spoon for pudding and EVEN hold the plate still !!!!
f) has a great future in traffic control.
g) One potato two potato three potato four potato five potato six potato seven potato eight potoato (I think you see where this is going.....)