October 20th, 2007



Odd day.

Got up early and went into Croydon to visit the Army careers Office.

Seemed pretty much locked down when I got there and true enough, when I called the duty office it turned out that only the recruting Officer for the Regulars works on Saturday - anyway he was good enough to run through a couple of points for me and I left some numbers. Hopefully I will be able to make an appointment for next week.

As I suspected I am 2 years too old to join an infantry unit...so not frontline work....but I'm hopefull that my back ground and interests will make me suitable for some sort of job that consitiutes proper soldiering. Yoemanry could be an option.

Went back into Croydon and picked up a couple of CDs and a DVD for my Sisiter in law and then bimbled around the house for the rest of the afternoon without really doing very much.

I did a bit of DIY washing down the bathroom ceiling - once completed I will still need to polyfiller it sand it paint it and finally install a new light. Sharon called in the afternoon not long after I'd started the DIY - we chatted about stuff and the rugby - I suspect had I not been doing DIY she might have invited me over to watch the rugby...she's just had her bathroom redone too...so keen to seethe results...

Later on in the afternoon I watched the end of an Amazing play staring Leo McKern , Alec Guiness and Lauren Becall 'A Foreign Feild'...very simple story ..very moving.

The this evening I watched the rugby.... Think South Africa deserved to win...but glad England put up such a good fight...but why was that tri not allowed....tuh !!!

too late to tidy the house or watch any of the DVDs I planned to watch.... I'm a bit tired so think I'llcall it a night.