October 18th, 2007


Last Night.....

I had another stonking headache by the time I got home last night but when got in I did discover that my November Subscription of ‘The Artist’ had been delivered, along with a DVD brochure and information on the territorial Army.

The DVD definitely bigged up Life in the army as you’d imagine but also quite funny in places..... not sure that bit had been intended ….

The DVD was lots of slick mini movies of lots of action, big guns and boys (and the occasional girl) with toys.

Yes look at Bob !! In civilian life Bob is a fat ***t who eat doughnuts in a large open plan office and toils at a deathly dull job - in the TA Bob is transformed into a Superhuman Double-Hard-DPM-Bastard who make Captain Flasheart look like a woss and who has to beat of swooning chicks with no less than two $h!tty sticks selotaped together !

Then there’s Dave. Dave joined up as a milk man and became a Lyx pilot - Cue Dave Flight-suited up to the nines ! "Yah best thing I ever did. In civilian life ll I did was deliver milk now I have more Buttons to press than a Tornado pilot and give my crew and gunners a smoooooooth flight...busy chaps.....then its back to base for tea and crumpets....and that's just that couple of hot new Blonde TA Twins ..WOOF !"

I'm guessing reality is going to be a lot more down to earth …far more like - "there's your second hand DPM uniform and kit - sorry about it smells like $hite...so you drive a Micra? Well there's an HGV for you….. it’s the same four wheels a steering wheel and a gear stick…..
..now go and sit in that puddle until we tell you to get out !...."

Strangely the last bit isn't THAT unapealing.......

Then after dinner I settled down to watch Heroes wich continues to be the best thing on telly at the mo....

"I'm sorry Dave, I'm affraid I can't do that..."

I have noticed a bit of a change on the line up of channels recently - and it's irritating to say the least.

ABC1 Freeview used to run from 6am to 6pm and was chock full of trash US comedy shows such as Home Improvement, 8 Simple Rules, The Perfect Life, Scrubs, Rodney, Hope and Faith.

Scrubs was head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality but I was quite partial to the occaisional back to back showing for a couple of hours of vaguely amused giggles... but ABC1 disappeared without any explaination to be replaced by Virgin 1 , which is rerunning Star Trek DS9 and other odds and sods...the most entertaining of which seems to be the UNIT about a team of US Special Forces troops. Its obviously limited in terms of scope by it's budget but there have been a couple of watchable episodes...but much of it during the day is scrambled until 7:00pm when it becomes available for freeview viewers.

The biggest bloody travesty (no not my spelling - but you knew there had to be a moan coming sonner or later) is the fact that we've lost the 24 hour a day History Channel (AKA the Hitler Channel) which as well as running constant repeats of War documentaries also re ran many of the best BBC Wildlife and Travel Documentaries of recent years, all the Michael Palin shows, Ray Mears, Bruce Parry's Tribes, The David Attenborough Life of series....

This appears to have been replaced by channel 'Dave' (apparently the home of Witty banter !) which largely consists of repeats of Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Dragons den.

I'm Sorry Dave, but I'm affraid I can't watch that (cr@p)

Things that make you Smile

Two things made me smile when I went out to potter in the West End at Lunch Time.

The first was the little brown mice that occupy the space below the platform in the underground....as they scurried between each piece of disguarded rubbish looking for tasty titbits.

And the second was the tintinnabulation of the bells from St Giles-in-the-field ......which isn't in a field any more , but which did sound jolly cheerful...and make me smile....which is why I have writ wot I av.
So there.

It an absolutely glorious day out there today perfect for wandering through woods carpeted by golden carpets of leaves or watching seabirds on the coast.

Just a pity I'm stuck here in the office and it will be pitch black about 45 minutes after I get homr tonight.