October 16th, 2007


The Weekend a retrospectic ......a.k.a how I got to where I am today

The weekend was really quite busy.

I was shattered after last week so I crashed out quite early on Friday night.

On Saturday I got up just before 9am.

I pottered and frittered away a fair few hours procrastinating between finishing off stripping the bathroom ceiling with a 1600watt heat gun , getting my hair cut, findoing time to watch the rugby and going in to Croydon to wast some money.

By mid morning I knuckled down and focused on the DIY in the bathroom, before going to get my hair cut at just after 3pm (figuring that I wouldn't have to wait long after 3 as everyone would be off watching footie !).

I got home and finished the DIY (removing polystyrene tile glue ) and settled down to watch the rugby.

Sharon called shortly into the game and we chatted and watched the rugby together which was kind of nice. After half time I got a bit twitchy and couldn’t stay watching the game so channel hopped ! But returned to watch the end as we opened a big can of Whoop-ass for the Frenchies !

I crashed relatively early again and woke at 8:40 on Sunday.

As soon as I got up on Sunday I cracked on with the DIY and started using a particularly powerful and smelly chemical paint stripper - Nitro Mors.

It gives off the sort of chemical smell that makes you worry that should an inadvertent spark ignite the stuff you'd take out most of the first floor of the house.

I left in on for a couple of hours and then stripped it. Immediately applying a second thick coat before popping into Croydon to pick up some Dr Who goodies in a sale and then going round to the old folks home for dinner.

I watched the first part of the South Africa Argentina game but had to crack on and strip the second coat of Nitro mors of the ceiling. I finished at about 11:00pm and cleaned up as best I could. However by this time it was too late to wash down the ceiling to reduce the chemical pongyness.

So Sunday night I slept with chemical stench wafting through the house - went to work on Monday - went fencing – got hot and sweaty during fencing then cooled down – walked to the station felt a bit off colour – ran for the train got hot and sweaty – waited a while for the bus in the cold and rain - got home at midnight went straight to bed - and spent a second full night with chemical fumes.

When I woke this morning I had a clammy head full of cold , and a headache from the fumes.

I’m dog tired , feeling well below par - but must spend 2 or 3 hours tonight doing DIY to wash the chemicals off the bathroom ceiling.

Joy !

Rugby Joke

Q: What Are the Kiwis doing to help combat Global warming ?
A: Dropping the Aussies off home on the way !

A-Boom-Tish !