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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

To Wander Lonely as Cloud ?
...or route March through St James' Park towards Forbidden Planet , there to by the new Dinotopia hardback novel with lovely illustrations by James Gurney, the variant Doctor in Space Suit action figure, and any other tat of a shiny nature that catches my eye ?......

Dilemma !

Why did the chicekn Cross the Road ?...
... Beacause a lorry containing chickens crashed on the A80, resulting in the chicken and 3,000 of his mates running loose.


An Anorak by any other name
In a post earlier this week I confirmed that a WWII German Gebirgsjäger Smock had arrived.

I couldn't pick it up frommy Grandmothers on Monday as I had fencing but I did pop up on Tuesday night.

Upon opening the parcel I was truely astonished by the quality of the garment - The quality of fabric and stitching is absolutely superb and the accuracy is spot on. I have compared the garment to reference photos of the genuine articles and they repro is identical.

Because it's a new garment the fabric is strong and hangs very well, but I have the advantage of not having to worry about damaging a historic piece of clothing by using a 60 year old original.

It looks great is surprisingly warm worn with just a merino base layer and a wool roll neck.

With the addition of a Shamagh and woolen hat it really does become a very practical bit of vintage clothing.

It is my intention to do as much of my next trek as possible using the same kit as used by Heinrich Harrer ... and from the follow pics I think it looks the part...

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Featured here is the Gebirgsjäger anorak , a small 1940's Swiss metal A frame Bergen, and 1930s-40s Swiss Mountaineering Goggles as issued to the German Mountain troops in WWII.

I think I might need a larger sack - and am trying to source a WWII British Army A Frame Bergen. I am reassured by the fact that if the weather is very extreme, I can even get my PHD Mustagh down jacket on underneath the smock.