October 8th, 2007


A Week(end) Is a Long Time in Politics

I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed watching a bunch of politicians back peddle, blag and fudge their way through an issue, as much as I did this weekend.

What a right (Mili)band of Jokers and an utter (Ed)Balls up.

....and we won the rugby.

Sing *Climb Every Mountain !*

My Grandmother called to say that dispite the post strike, she has taken delivery of parcel for me.

This can only be the Gebirgsjäger Smock which I ordered from Spearhead Military supplies via their Ebay Shop.

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It's a WWII German Mountaineering top, the sort smock work by legendry Mountaineer Heinrich Harrer

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When I return to Nepal early next year, I intend to use as much vintage climbing/mountaineering gear as possible (insert caveat here: without looking a complete knob!) - so I will be retracing Heinrich Harrer's steps to Tibet and Lahasa in much the same gear as he did after he escaped internment/imprisonment at the hands of the British in India towards the end of the Second World War.

I now have the correct woollen headgear, genuine 1940's snow/glacier goggles, and faithful reproduction Gebirgsjäger Smock, Genuine 1940's Swiss Army metal leather and Canvas A frame Rucksack.....

All i need now is some old rope.

I have money. Anyone know anyone who has old rope and is up for an exchange ?

Usual Disclaimer: I'm not a Nazi sympathiser....it's just that they had really, really neat field gear !

...and yes I am almost as mad as a bag of otters - but the kit looks so cool - even if it is bloody cold !