October 5th, 2007


"And gentlemen in England now-a-bed"

Increasingly over the last few years I have been growing more and more frustrated with the way certain life decisions have panned out.

I have no great love for my career - I'm pretty pointless in the larger scheme of things. Executive Officers are just ‘grunts’ for the most part - I have little prospect of advancement - most people seem to be of the opinion that I'm nice but congenitally stupid - about the only positive thing that can be said for it is that it pays for the mortgage of my lovely home, it's got a good pension (for the moment) and the hours are good. ...even though most of the actual minutes are pretty lousy.

A couple of mates have served in the TA and it was recently suggested that with my background, interests and skills, I’d fit into a couple of specialised branches.

I’m inclined to agree.

I’m to old now for Officer training but given my background and skills I’ve been told they’d make an exception. And as a private I’d get to do more interesting stuff anyway.

I could give it 5 years – bin it when I’m 40.

After all the Territorial Army has a lot going for it. I keep my home, my job, my pension – I haven’t got a wife /partner kids to worry about, plus I would get new qualifications that would open up paths later on in my career MoD , security, intel fields etc.

Plus it has ALL the Bullshit of the Civil Service but with the added bonus of sitting in water filled fox holes firing heavy weaponry….So what’s not to like !!!

And I would finally exercise a ghost that’s been nagging me for years and probably will for the rest of my days.

One minor problem…… just how the fcuk do I persuade my folks…

"They don't like it up 'em"

Since being handed the baton of Power by Tony Blair Gordon has in my opinion been pretty quiet.

In a dramatic change from the years of spin under Blair we are now in an era where we appear to be 'waiting for Gordo' to announce stuff to show clear leadership.

To the average bloke on the street he's been pretty quiet through some fairly big public issues - new outbreaks of Foot and Mouth, Blue Tongue and most importantly the Northern Rock debacle. Only one of these were the fault of HM's Govmt - but I suspect the handling has been of interest to the great unwashed.

The Tories completely failed to capitalise with a "what the F ?!" headline when PM Brown invited Thatcher to number 10.

To me that said tons to me about Labour.

So post Labour conference they're all full of talks of an early election, but now post Tory conference when they've finally pulled their head of their collective arse they've sown the seed of doubt in the publics mind about how open the Govmt is about taxation.

Truth is modern politics occupies the middle ground and there's barely a gnats whisker between the parties ethos and given that our economy is pretty much at the mercy of global trends and the mighty EU that's forces us over a barrel and takes us roughly from behind on so many issues any prospective government can only hope to fiddle at the margins with social policies and place an increasingly diminishing role on the international stage.

With that in mind it doesn't really matter which of the two main parties occupy No 10 - just that while there they aren't given the scope to feck things up any further than the last lot. Labour have pretty much proved themselves as clueless and arrogant in ten years as the Tories did in 18.

Therefore I am minded to modify my voting patterns and in future simply vote for the opposition party in the hope that successive Govmts are booted out before they can feck up spectacularly or ride rough-shod over too many members of society.

Bottom line is English voters aren't too arsed about the green agenda we want we want is to keep the money we earn, avoid stealth taxation, have jobs to go to , homes to live in and not feel like we are being governed by snivelling, arrogant, self-important, conniving and odious cretins.

Which reminds me Yvette Cooper is on Question Time tonight 8pm Radio 4

Come on Gordo....name the date so I can tell your collective Cabinet of utter ****s to sod off....and then after four years I'll bring you back....

Fair deal ?

I am Soooooooooooooo tired.

Random stuff....

I am so tired.
For two pins I'd flake out and dribble into my keyboard.

Facebook has now stopped working on any level on both my home and work PCs.
irritating as hell since people keep biting and poking me.

The Chesley Bonestell book I've been meaning to buy for the last couple of years and had perminantly has now gone out of print and is swapping hands for prices between £71 and £175. Curse you prevarication !

There's a really big dead spider under my sofa. I saw it there last night while doing some crunches. Maybe he was just acting.

I have a headache.