October 3rd, 2007


Shaping up to be one of 'those' days….

On the way into work today I was sat next to a very rude, IT geek who had he spread is legs any wider in the seat I would have had to assumed was mid way through birthing some hedious slimey monster.

Twice I asked politely the odious fat **** “whether he had enough room”, since his leg was half way over my seat. But he resolutely ignored me, earphones in - staring at his computer screen.

I was v.tempted to tap in on the shoulder so that he HAD to look at me and then announce to the carriage in the loudest voice possible that "if he rubbed his leg against me any harder I would probably develop a massive erection .. and I thought it polite just warn him".

Instead as I was reading my book on Afghanistan I simply imagined the effect of an 81 mil mortar on his piggy little head.


Then on entering the building I dashed for the lift - having seen someone enter it – just before the doors closed - initially I thought it was a chap I occasionally pinged for briefing and said in a bright breezy fashion “Hi there how are you” – He looked slightly terrified and I realised it probably wasn’t the colleague I knew – obviously being greeted in this manner by a complete stranger was most uncomfortable and he started to mutter “oh fine, fine, you know” before fleeing from the lift on the second floor at a barely decent pace.

Poor chap.

Then despite having a ton of pressing work on I have found myself making name plates for a meeting this afternoon. There’s a couple of hours of my life that I won’t be getting back or remembering particularly before shuffling off this mortal coil.
By now I am feeling particularly mischievous and added a name plate bearing only the name ‘Griffin’. I expect it will just be left out on the desk, and I wonder if anyone will get the reference to HG Wells’ Invisible Man.