September 24th, 2007


It shouldn’t matter. But it does.... so very much.

I am not usually an accident prone person , and I take very good care of all my possessions and it bothers me a lot if books or particularly special magazines (cinefex) get torn or creased.

Last night in my usual Sunday evening mooching in between returning home after dinner with the Aged Parents and turning in for the night I was attempting to get stuff ready for work while in the studio, while being distracted by the TV and the PC.

I plugged the iron on in the studio to iron a shirt but I didn't realise that I left it next to the 1960/70's Maruzen Ltd (Tokyo) Moon globe which used to belong to my uncle . I was sat at the computer while waiting for the iron to heat up and I noticed a strange plastic smell.

I was horrified to see that it had melted a hole in this really unique and rare globe. I have been so careful of it up to now and it really was an item of my uncles that I treasured - and associated with him so very much - and now through being stupid I have spoilt it. I know it shouldn't matter but I was devastated last night.

I don't know how I'm going to repair it because it was effectively 2 globes in one. A grey plastic relief globe showing in 3d al the mares and craters , this was then encased within a clear globe.

Such a stupid careless stupid, stupid, STUPID accident.

"Madcap housing minister, Yvette Cooper" (alledgedly),,2172243,00.html
Simon Jenkins what a very VERY insightful chap.
"Cabinet husband and wife cash in on two homes loophole"

So thats a combined annual household income of £238,000 per do they they manage.

If you divided that sum by my annual salary, it would mean that I could give up work for a decade.......which is probably about the length of time it is since the Monster did anything of note or worth.

A Channel 4 show, Dispatches: Nice Work If You Can Get It, presented by Peter Oborne, will examine in detail the loopholes and abuses of the Commons expenses system. It airs Monday at 8pm.

Watch it and dispair it and dispair.