September 21st, 2007


'A Glass and a half full of Joy'

I caught a new advert on TV last night.

And I have to say that it’s one of the most innovative ads I’ve seen for years.

Along with just about every proper special effects artist I’m a huge Ape fan and love seeing these amazing creatures brought to life on the screen as animatronic suits and puppets and masks .

Cadburry have just launched their new ad which you can see at
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The ad starts with a purple recording studio wall. And the first sounds of 'In The Air Tonight' by Phil Collins start playing.

The camera slowly pans down as we hear the keyboard's atmospheric intro revealing a a gorilla calmly looking to camera.

The massive Gorilla stares at the view breathing deeply and closing its eyes
We are almost sure that he knows we are filming him, but his eyes look through and beyod the lens as the lyrics 'I've been waiting for this moment for all of my life' play.

The gorilla focuses back on the camera. All we see is neck and head . And hair.

The camera gently zooms out revealing the Gorilla's surroundings.
We see more of the studio and we see that the gorilla is sitting at a drum kit .

We know that the best drum solo in the whole history of rock - ever - is coming. The Gorilla knows it too.

The Gorilla starts playing the drums with passion and vigour. Elegance meets power. He's phenomenal on the drums - feeling every beat.
The camera leaves the ape and his drum kit in the studio.
The screen fades to purple. We see a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar of chocolate appear above the words 'A Glass and a half full of Joy'

Awesome advert surreal, exciting, great music, superb animatronic ape costume.

Top marks. I must find out who the FX company was.

So effective, I think I’ll just pop out.
…….I really fancy a Kit Kat and a packet of crisps !