September 20th, 2007


Waste Not Want not....

I hate waste - that goes for anything really.

While I wouldn't class myself as a raging environmentalist I do try to recycle absolutely everything I can and try to save enery where I can too.

Much is done at work to try and encourage people to save energy by turnning of PCs and printers which suck a lot of juice if left on over night but time and time again this is ignored.

I've stuck up notes on the wall next to the printer, and on the printer itself.... to no avail.

Since I work with a lot of girlie girls who go all doe eyed at talk of sodding cats and anything fluffy I'm going to try a different tac.

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One of those Day's....

I'm having one of those know the animated gif.....bloke tapping frantically away on his keyboard slams away ever more ferociously and eventually bashes brain out on keyboard…..

17 minutes till I foxtrot oscar……