September 17th, 2007


Thursday 13th September

Stayed late at work trying to get shot of a return to HM Treasury on Regs coming into effect in 2008 which are likely to have an affect on business. Deep joy.

Left the building with a Grade 5 whom I used to work for in a previous life. He was an HEO at the time and has risen to the lofty heights of G5 as is customary for the pointy headed Larry the Lightbulb types that infest the civil servant – he was the one that stood by while I was ‘moved’ because I did my job as it was supposed to be done rather than as I was told to do it…he then had to suffer the complete arse they bought in to replace me and watch as the post fell to pieces. Minister wasn’t pleased when he found out either - copped a packet from the minister to when he found I’d been fitted up….didn’t do him any harm though. Any way I digress as we left the building we exchanged pleasantries as you do – when one of his colleagues ran past us heading towards Victoria “hello – bye” was offered.

“There’s a bloke in a hurry for a train,” said I.
“He’s got to get home for his Nanny”, replied Grade 5.
“Funny, he looks too old to have a Nanny”, I said with a big grin.
“No”, said the Grade 5 earnestly, “His Children’s Nanny”.
He didn’t even crack a grin.

Either it was the driest riposte ever or this gimp actually thought I was being serious.
I almost lost control of my bowls stopping my self saying “No shit Sherlock”, or just collapsing in a fit of laughter.

Some people really are humourless knobs.

It took me most of the journey home to stop giggling at the bloke’s reaction.

Spent the rest of the night sorting out kit for the trip to the New Forest.

Friday 14th September

Sharon called just after 8am. To announce that she was heading over.

I loaded up the car and set to with breakfast.

Sharon arrived just after 9:30. We sorted her gear into my car - swapped cars on the drive way and headed off.

We made good time and got to the New Forest just after 12 noon .

We called in at Lyndhurst for a mooch around but to be honest there really wasn’t anything there. It’s strange that I have been going to the New Forest for 30+ years but to my knowledge never actually called in into the Church yard to see the grave of Alice Liddell, who later became Alice Hargreaves, the inspiration for the character of Alice from Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.
I thought that the grave was rather bare and we initially walked past it mistaking it for a flower bed. But I can understand that the family didn’t make a big thing about Alice’s association with the literary character she gave her name to.

Having visited the grave we headed off to the campsite at Holland’s Wood where we checked in and selected a pitch. We chose somewhere as far away from people as possible – yet still near to the toilet and shower block, and pitched the tent near a rugged old Oak tree looking out into the adjoining forest.

Latitude: 56:04:43N (56.07856)
Longitude: 5:39:22W (-5.65601)

Once we’d set the tent up and locked the valuables we headed off for a long walk into the forest. We headed off on a few of the cycle tracks but then broke out cross-country using inclosure boundaries and fire breaks to navigate buy in an attempt to get as far off the beaten track as possible. I managed to spot a female fallow deer and two young fawns – we were fortunate being down wind from her and managed to get within 20 or 30 meters we stalked her for about 20 meters but unfortunately w trod on a stick - the deer was immediately alerted to our presence and froze staring right at us while we hid behind a tree. I peeked out a couple of times but she was spooked and with a couple of barks she and her young bolted – but Sharon got some great views through the binoculars , so I was pleased. We carried on walking in a large loop through mixed woodland and small marshy clearings. We even came across a couple wild camping (which is strictly forbidden). The bloke thought he’d hidden his tent but I clocked him and his misses moving like elephants at about 100 meters. They froze in the hope I hadn’t seen them but he was looking straight at me…. We just carried on though and didn’t acknowledge them. Secretly I was quite envious as I would prefer to have been out in the forest away from fair weather campers.
Eventually we got back to the campsite at dusk and I set too preparing a very rought and ready meal of sausages rolls and rice. We polished of a bottle of red between us and chatted until about 10:20. We turned in and got comfy in the tent but I was very tired …we chatted for a bit but on putting the light out I was out for the count leaving Sharon awake. I’m not sure she was impressed….lol. But I can sleep anywhere me !

I awoke a few times shifting trying to get comfy but to no avail, and the hard ground did my back in.

Sunday 15th August

We awoke earlyish and chatted a bit. Shorn recounted how as soon as the light went out I was KO’d within 60 seconds and how I heavy breathed/snored.

Well that answered a long pondered question…so I do snore !!...Personally I decided to put it down to 3 large glasses of wine and being forced to sleep on my back on the hard floor…..(well I’m sticking to it!!)

By 8ish I was up and preparing breakfast – of the remaining sausages , a brew, and cereal bars.

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After ablutions we packed up and left the site at 10 just after 10 am and headed to Bolderwood where I had hoped to show Sharon a herd of deer at the deer sanctuary. However rather disappointingly there was only two lone Fallow Does far off in the distance and yesterday’s sightings were to remain the best of the trip.

We left Bolderwood and headed off to Milkham Inclosure, an area of mixed evergreen and deciduous woodland WNW of Slufters Inclosure, and which I can’t ever recall having visited. Being the weekend we saw quite a few people on the outward leg of the trip, families , cyclists and couples walking. Having checked the map we planned to head to some old earth works deep in the forest marked as ‘Castle Piece’ on the Map. While it wasn’t a proper castle the earthworks were probably the sight of an inclosure where wildlife was kept for the Kings Hunting trips in the 1100s. After an hour and a half walk we found the old earthworks and as we figured there was no one else that deep into the forest. We settled down for lunch, and chilled out chatting eating, sleeping, drawing and a bit of photography. While Sharon had a snooze I drew this oak trunk .

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While we didn’t see any deer we were surprised to hear a heard of wild horses stampeding through the forest – we got up sharpish and hid behind some trees – but fortunately at sight of us the changed direction – but it was fantastic to see.

We left ‘Castle Piece’ after 3:30 and walked back out of the forest via the heath land where we spotted a huge buzzard perched looking for prey – on seeing us it flew off.

Sharon map read (sort of ) and was ble to confirm that we were indeed “on this Map somewhere” ……so we weren’t lost the !!
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We made it back to the car just after 4:40 called into Bolderwood to use the loos and grab an ice cream and then we headed back to London – for a fish and chip supper after which Sharon headed back home.

A great weekend. I only wish it had been longer !

God is 'avin' a Larf !

Ok I rattled through the answers at an unreasonable rate and I scored a few incorrectly - not sure how I did'nt get model maker or special effects technicial.

But I effin knew Armed services, artist, outdoorsman, craftsmen would all be a more accurate reflection of a sutiable career then civil frickin servant.
I filled in an MOD/Army questionaire recently and I scored as very highly suited/desired for military service.

Increasingly I feel like I'm completely wasting my life.... I'm sure I could waste it more productively at one of the following.... 3,21,23,25,27,28,32,38,39

...but pet groomer ? WTF !

1. Archaeologist
2. Ship's Crew
3. Enlisted Member of the Armed Forces
4. Sheet Metal Worker
5. Carpenter
6. Industrial Designer
7. Welder
8. Boilermaker
9. Sign Maker
10. Tilesetter
11. Animator
12. Fashion Designer
13. Desktop Publisher
14. Glazier
15. Autobody Repairer
16. Interior Designer
17. Cabinetmaker
18. Electrician
19. Pet Groomer
20. Dental Lab Tech
21. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator
22. Electronics Assembler
23. Set Designer
24. Fisher
25. Director of Photography
26. Lineworker
27. Costume Designer
28. Makeup Artist
29. Insulator
30. Gardener
31. Landscaper
32. Forestry Technician
33. Machinist
34. Tool and Die Maker
35. Miner (Underground)
36. Arborist
37. Coast Guard
38. Artist
39. Graphic Designer
40. Optical / Ophthalmic Lab Technician

Actually I think it generates stuff randomly !