September 12th, 2007


Sniper One by Sgt Dan Mills

I picked up a copy of Sniper One by Sgt Dan Mills of the 1st Battalion, The Princess of Wale's Royal Regiment.

I enjoy reading genuine accounts of Military actions by the blokes standing behind the business end of a gun. While I find embedded Jurno's accounts of actions interesting from an analytical perspective, they often lack the main the gut wrentching realities of doing the business of turning people into lumps of meat and watching the same happen to their own mates.

Sniper one recounts Sgt Mills and his platoons 2004 tour of Iraq - which after initially being posted to a quiet spot...rapidly got ....shall we say more interesting.

So far a corking page turner and I doubt that there will be much left for my camping trip on Friday night while curled up in a tent in the middle of the New Forest.......

I suppose I'll just have to buy 3Para (Afghanistan)to ensure I have something war related to read !!!