September 5th, 2007


Accident Prone / Sickly little soul

Accident Prone / Sickly little soul

Ok. Further to Saturday's eventful BBQ - eventful in the sense that I attempt to sear my eyeball rather than the burgers, I've managed to clock up another injury.

It's a repeat of the whole septic elbow incident from earlier in the year only this time instead of it being my left elbow, it is my right elbow.

As with the whole Jan/March incident the swelling and pain has arisen a few days after I cut my elbow. I can't even remember how I cut it ! ....but I was woke last night at about 3:20 am with a burning sensation in my right elbow.

Now I can try and ignore it and hop it gets better of its own accord or try and get another four weeks worth of Antibiotics......but I don't like taking them unless absolutely essential

Typical - I was due to start a Krav Maga self Defence course on Friday, go Camping on the 24th and on a climbing trip to Harrisons Rocks shortly afterwards......

I hope it's a minor thing and clears in a couple of days as it really is a miserable and excruciating injury.


"I'm smarter than the average forest ranger BooBoo!"

Rules are NOT apparently made to be broken ...nor are the flexible !

I am planning to go camping with a friend in just over a week - but apparently because I only have two single person tents - it will cost me twice as much as taking a huge 6 person tent !!!!

Apparently the Forestry Commission won't allow two 1 person tents to be erected on the same pitch.... each 1 person tent has to have a pitch on it's own at a cost of £15 each... even though you can pitch as-big- a-tent as you like people on a £15 pitch....

I tried pointing out that two 1 man tents would take up less than a 3 person tent ....but Deer-$hit-for-brains didn't quite compute that......neither could he wrap his staggering intellect around the concept of a bivi bag.

"wot you put a sleeping bag inside a gortex does that work then?"
When I had managed to explain what one was he explained that according to health and safety guidelines no one could sleep without a tent canopy.

"why's that then" to which no clear reason could be given

"Can you accommodate hammocks and tarps ?"
"Hammocks .....the things you hang between trees and sleep in ...only with a tarpaulin over to keep the rain know what rain is I take it ?"
"The Forestry Commission does not permit anything to be tied to trees !"
"That includes Wardens does it ?!"

"Are Deer allowed to deficate in the woods I wonder.....and it is alright if we breath your oxygen is it....I wouldn't want to break a regulation or something"

I was tempted to explain that the number of people who are injured by settling fire to a tent would be far higher than those sleeping in a bivi bag .... but thought that I was on a hiding to nothing really - how he worked out that the thing he'd never heard of was against the regulations I have no idea.......... I can only hope he's trampled to death by a heard of deer before I get to him.

You never know what bear-trap-related BooBoo s could occur to particularly stupid forest Ranger......