September 3rd, 2007


Doctor Who - Major News Expected .......

Doctor Who - Major News Expected ....... anytime soon....No honest....really.....someone someewhere said so.

*musters best Pathe News voice*

The Interwebby newforums are alight with wildfire speculation that at Midnight on Monday 3 September the BBC will issue a Press release on the furture of Doctor Who.
"What?" I hear you say.
No, WHO!

Someone somewhere has said:

"My source is 100 per cent reliable. It will be a midnight press release, and it will be about series five, and the news probably does stem from David Tennant's tenure at the RSC next year. But fans of Tennant needn't worry. I wish I could say more but I don't want to get in trouble. Probably said too much already..."

Someone else said:

"I just heard from a friend in Cardiff. She is at the Dr who exhibition and she says that they have just announced over the tannoy that BBC Wales have said DT is doing another series of Dr Who. Not sure whether they are referring to the series he is filming or whether they are referring to series 5!!!

* Sits with fingers firmly crossed, which is quite difficult with all the straws I am clutching!!!!!* "

Stay tuned to your wireless people, do not stray from the hearth....gather your family and loved one's together, (and make sure you go to the lavetory first, as we don't want grandad having a nasty accident) lest you miss this important life changing news.

Fook I'm bored