September 2nd, 2007


I'd rather walk over hot coals or stick pins in my eyes….

I'd rather walk over hot coals or stick pins in my eyes….

So goes the saying.

Hard to tell which is worse, unless you are one of those who can walk over hot coals…in which case you'd probably be fine with the whole hot coal thang…

If you had to choose, I suspect most would take the walking over the hot coals rather than sticking a pin in their eye… I know I would.

While not a doctor or medically qualified, I'm guessing your burnt feet would heal quicker than pins in the eyes.

But what if you mixed the sayings up…..
See where I'm going with this ?….
ie walk on pins and have a hot coal in the eye.

Well for those still not sure let me assuage any doubt in your mind that red hot coals in your eye are not under any circumstances to be recommended.

I know this because I've just tried it.

Having spent all day Saturday looking for a lawnmower (but that's another tail woe) I decided to have a BBQ for one.

Quickly prepared the BBQ…set the charcoal alight and went inside to prepare the food, a few veggie kebabs a couple of sausages a couple of burgers and some corn on the cob.

Once the flames had burnt down and the charcoal had started to glow I spread the hot coals over the BBQ dish….and that's when it happened.

As I spread the coals, the temp change caused once of the hot coals to explode.
As I pushed the briquettes, there was a crack and a single red hot ember about half the size of a grain of rice arched upwards towards my left eyeball. I saw it all in slow motion.

I reacted instinctively, binking milliseconds before it landed on my eyeball, as it landed with an audible "phusssttt" as it seared into my eyelid.

Ouch I thought - Oh dear me - this is not really the relaxing BBQ for one that I had planned……. Momenetarily before I ran into the house and stuck my smoldering and stinging left eye under the cold tap.

After bathing in cold water for as long as I could (it's not easy puting a eye under a tap-at least not while in it's socket) I grabbed some antiseptic burn cream and went in search of a mirror , but the burn had blistered immediately.

I don't think I have done any permanent damage but the eyelid is very painful today - and I'm having trouble focusing with my left eye. The whole left eye feels very 'tight' and I wonder if the heat could have done someinvisible damage to the eye itself ?

I shall try and see a doctor or a pharmacist tomorrow.

But remember children…..if offered a choice….walk on the hot coals and go for the burnt tootsies ….and never put red hot coals in your eye !