August 31st, 2007


Doogy Rev ! A New Member of Staff....bit odd that.

The Transformation Team, no relation to the 'Robots in Disguise', were supposed to be getting a new Duputy Director this week (That's a grade 5 in old money).

No sign of the new member of staff, although a pot plant has appeared on the desk.

Maybe public service/perfomance standards are falling and Pot Plants can enter at Grade 5 level having met all the necessary criteria. I can certainly name a few civil servants that are arguably less productive than a pot plant which does, after all, produce oxygen and reduce CO2 levels.

Drogna, Drogna, Rangdo - is what I say to that - which will only mean something to people of a certain age !

I beg your pardon ?!

It's going to be one of those random days. Obviously.

I have just received an e-mail from one Berty Boutron, who simply must belong in a Jeeves and Wooster novel with a name like that !

Thous shalt not worship false gods ....

...or words to that effect.

So goes one , not sure which though, of the 10 Commandments.
Thou shalt not covert thy neighbors wife (does that exclude Uma Thurman and Jennifer Connelly?) or 'off' anyone...etc etc I forget the order...not that I actually get to break any of them...I lead a dull life you see.

Being both a Catholic and English usually means that I am both painfully polite and wracked with completely illogical guilt......

You know the score.
"Excuse me sir do you mind if we provide you with a shoddy service and then charge you an extortionate price for doing so"

The response would be something along the lines of " no, not at all go right on ahead...." ..often with an "I'm terribly sorry" thrown in for good measure.

So it was this afternoon.

The new grade five turned up today ...and turned out to be regular person rather than a pot plant.... However, I quickly discovered that I would have preferred it if I was going to have to share office space with the pot plant.

While she was unpacking a crate of belongings, and replacing her normal office chair with one of those kneeling posture controlling thingamies , I was busy working drafting a letter and she interrupted to ask "you don't mind if I put a picture of (insert name if multi-armed blue god of Peace or some such bollocks here) up on this pillar by your desk do you " .....

"No, no, go ahead," said I, barely turning around.

However, that pillar is next to my desk and I use it for my Fencing posters and information...... I don't want some Hippy god next to my Fencers !!!!!

I wanted to respond by saying "Yes I do mind actually - I'm Catholic and therefore don't recognise your 'false god', and want even less the image of it's mutated hippy form stuck next to my desk - thank you very feck of".

We all know that didn't happen.

Point is that while I have my faith, I don't take it to work and I certainly don't impose it on others.

*In Irish Accent* I mean I don't have a little shrine to the virgin Mary on the end of mi desk now, do I?

The only way to redress the balance of power now is to find a picture of Rambo, M-16 in hand, muscled and oiled and looking every inch the 'god of war and destruction' and stick that up next to it.... or maybe Hilter.......or some such warmongering historical charmer.

......Either that or develop Turettes.