August 30th, 2007


The Shape of Things to Come….

DVD shaped obviously …..

On Tuesday evening my latest batch of DVDs arrived – they couldn’t arrive before the Bank Holiday could they !!!!

Things to Come, Forbidden Planet both absolute classics and real gems of films ! and the extended editions of both the Bourne Identity and Supremacy.

At £5.99 the films are real bargains the films are excellent and are not diminished by seeing them again and again. Things to come and Forbidden planet were a bit more expensive being £14.99 and £9.99 respectively. Both had been released for a while and are £20 or thereabouts in store …… but have shown no sign of being sold off at bargain bucket prices…..

Until today of course when I see that Forbidden Planet has been reduced to £6.99 ……grrrrrrrrrr

Also ordered at the Weekend was the complete 8 volume series of Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds Series …… at over £109.99 for the complete series I’d never bother in a million years – each of the two volumes usually sell for in the region of £55….but HMV are knocking off up to 70% off certain titles ….At £14.99 therefore , they are a lot more attractive purchase !

If more series were sold at a maximum of £15 per series I’d own a lot more DVDs – I recenlt bought the remaining episodes of the X-Files at £12.99 per season and would do the same for Buffey, Star Trek TOS, Star Trek Next Gen and Star Trek DS9 and MASH…… but at anything from £30 to £ 80…..they can shove it.


Rumor Control.

The Sun apparently reports that David Bowie may have been cast in Season 4 of Doctor Who !

.....I for one would love to see Bowie in Doctor Who but I suspect this is complete bunkum !