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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

An object from my distant past has been rediscovered and returned to me.

It's my old classical guitar which was bought for me while I was still at primary school.

I was never very good at classical guitar - and while to this day I can still remember a few chords - D7, A minor, E minor, A7, G7 to name a few - I never really understood how musicians worked out which strings to pluck or how to strum and in general make sweat sounds - as I can no more read music than I can read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics !!

I've been listening to a coule of CDs lately - especially Seth Lakeman's Freedom Fields which is comprised of largely folky type songs which all have historical or mythological references to English History 1643, The Riflemen of War, The White Hare (think the sort of song to Sharpe folky historic, buy with beat and a bit of pop rock.) He's one of the few singers whose songs I can belt out convincingly......

And now I have a guitar....but absolutely no idea how to make it make the right noises !

I have lots of things in my life to which I do not apply sufficient time resources and practice.....drawing, sculpting, fitness and reading.

I don't need to reintroduce yet another thing which I won't do properly.

It is sitting in my living room staring accusingly.

......My reluctance to engage with it is helped by the fact that I haven't the foggiest how to tune the thing.

what shall we do with the drunken, Civil Servant
I discovered that it was my line managers 32nd Birthday today - and offered to buy him a pint.

He reciprecated by buying me three more.

I am three sheets to the wind !

That is all !

(apart from the fact I learned some interestingstuff...offvthe record!!!)