August 28th, 2007


Hands Up everyone who wishes they weren't at work...

Yep ....everyone.....thought so.

Le Weekend ….

Friday Evening go home but felt a bit twitchy - there was nothing on TV and after a pretty busy week achieving not a great deal I couldn't switch off. So I decided to head off to see FX extravaganza Transformers.

If films sans-plot, character and depth , but with loads of very impressive FX and giant transforming robots are your thang, then this is the movie for you. One of the few redeeming features of the film was Megan Fox, who nailed the role of 'eye candy' perfectly, reminding me a lot of Jennifer Connelly....which I of course approve of.

The robots were impressive but the use of motion blur detracted from the scale of the action and frankly those transformers on the Citroen car ads are just as good and more believable than their over-engineered cousins in Transformers.

The film was also very loud – and for the first time in ages I left the cinema with a pounding headache. This was another less than satisfactory aspect of the film – ratcheting up the sound is no replacement for a well devised sound effect score.

Transformers gets 4 out of ten – watchable tosh – and not a lot else.

I didn’t really do a great deal during the day on Saturday - but in the evening I went over to see Matthew. It was a good evening playing with his new gadgets a top of the line Cannon digital SLR and a set of Cannon professional lenses that would put your average paparazzi to shame. He’s also bought a very shiny Apple Mac which has made me really question whether I should by a Dell or a MAC to replace my knackered vintage 1996 desktop.

… really was very shiny.

We chatted and tried to find and download some free Astronomy software with limited luck ….had a great chicken and noodle dinner and I left just after midnight. Bit of a late night I eventually turned in at about 1:45am.

Sunday I had a bit of a lay in then got up to go and visit my Grandma. When I arrived Mum and Dad were there too - I stayed n hour but then left as I wasn’t really getting a word in or a chance to talk.

At midday I headed over to Essex to see Sharon we had a chat in her garden and then headed off to see a proper grown-up film, The Bourne Ultimatum .
The reviews for the third instalment of Ludnam’s Jason Bourne based films had been better than the previous two , which I loved , so my expectations were high.

There were a couple of disappointing aspects to the film – the first is the lack of clarity regarding the time line as half of The Bourne Ultimatum takes place before the end of The Bourne Supremacy – recounting Jason Bourne’s escape from Russia and return to the US – the overlap in time periods is not made clear and when the final scenes of The Bourne Supremacy when Jason is spying on Landey’s CIA Office from a neighbouring rooftop are repeated your are left with a really uncomfortable sense of déjà vu – and unsure whether the time lines are now coming together or whether the two are deliberately repeating a conversation to impart some sort of code. It’s sloppy and I’m sure that a more coherent resolution could have been found. The other really sloppy aspect in an other wise ultra realistic film is where the lead female is badly beaten by an assassin (has her face smashed and punched) and at the end of the scene doesn’t even have a bruise - very stupid.

As for the rest of the film it was a cracking pitch-perfect, nail-biting movie. I cannot think of another series of films, especially US made films, which have been as consistent and superb as the Bourne movies – this latest film gets 8 out of ten and would have got a clean 10 out of ten had it not been for the confusing time over-lap and the invulnerable fight-chick.

After seeing the Bourne Ultimatum I went back to Sharon’s where we had a delish pasta and chicken salad before, leaving to pick up one of her friends called Sarah and heading of to a local nature reserve for a talk on British bats and then after dusk, we set off into the reserve armed with ultra-sonic bat detectors. The talk and Bat walk was really good fun and I really got into it. I managed to refrain from uttering the line “Dinner-Dinner-Dinner-Dinner, BATWALK !” , or referring to our guide as ‘The Batman’...... I had been warned that doing either would result in me received a dead arm…

We dropped Sarah back home and then I dropped Sharon off, had a chat and set the world to rights over a couple of cups of tea and headed home. Another late night -arriving home at about 1:30am.

Monday was a wasted day really - as I didn’t do very much at all - I was going to try and buy a new lawn mower as I blew my second-hand one up recently (there was smoke and acrid fumes and burning plastic…the works!) and have been unable to ‘do’ the garden since – but I decided it was madness to drive over to the DIY stores on a Bank holiday as I would be stuck in traffic jams for at least 45 minutes each way.

So I pottered and wasted time by finishing watching Doctor Who and the Horror of Fang Rock, and I started watching the Dalek Invasion of Earth. I had wanted to see the Horror of Fang Rock for donkey’s years but was ultimately left wondering what all the fuss was - and having watched the DVD extras understood why it left me quite non-plused as it had been rushed out. The Story was ok, average but the abysmal effects let it down – ironically the Lighthouse set design though was very carefully done it even had curved doors and had been scaled up to accommodate the numbers of actors and cameras.

With naff-all to watch on TV last night I started watching Hartnell’s The Dalek Invasion of Earth, which was the basis for the Hammer Horror Studio’s second Dr Who film (staring Peter Cushing). So far a cracking good serial which stands up far better than some much later classic Who.

I finished up Monday night by surfing a bit and taking advantage of a couple of very cheap Boxset DVD deals on HMV just as I was closing down for the night I heard a disturbance outside and peaked out tp see a drunk-happy-slappy-hoodie attack the side of a bus that stopped – realised he was in yob mode and pulled away without letting him on. Judging buy the way he was screaming about a broken hand and rolling around in the gutter clutching his damaged arm I'm gussing "the Bus woz like, well-harder than wot he woz ...innit !"

Shame the driver couldn’t hang around to reverse over the little git a couple of times...