August 22nd, 2007


Reasons to be Cheerful 1-2-3

The weather what is it playing at ? – it’s cold, grey and wet – it’s gone beyond October and is trying to be November. Not proper wet…no …its that sodding interminable drizzle that sort of makes everything dampish. Last night when I changed my jeans which had been left out on my bed were cold and felt damp…you know like when you leave your washing out and the central heating off during winter.
So this morning the central heating went on.

Sienna Miller being given airtime on BBC Breakfast telling me all about climate change from India while I’m having my breakfast, as if I’d never bloody heard about it before.
“Oi Love! How’d you get there then – did you walk – No? - Right then , f**k off ! “

I’ve flown about 3 return trips a decade two long haul trips America and Nepal and once to Ireland. I am sick to death of sanctimonious celebrities banging on about climate change and the jetting all around the world to have film careers and celebrity life style. Seriously celebs, sod off ! You plaster your faces in products tested on animals you prance around the planet in clothes costing thousands of pounds, more than any Indian would earn in a life time and then have the audacity to tell little people in the West what they should and shouldn’t be doing with their lives …when bottom line you just want them to buy your films , perfumes and products…..

It’s almost as hypocritical as the Vatican setting up a low cost Airline…

They did ?! DOH ! Still at least if your flying God’s own airway you’d hope that you’re getting that little extra reassurance against disaster !

There was something else I was going to rant about.but I forgot what it was...

New Work of fiction published...

Our Department has published it's latest work of fiction.....

"Department's internet connection speed improves six-fold

As part of the upcoming new X desktop implementation, X - the Department's IT services partner - has now completed work to upgrade (the Department's) internet connection.

As a result, connection to the internet from the main office locations is now more than six times faster than it was at the start of 2007: 68MB compared with 10MB.

If there was ever a suitable responde to this statement I believe it should be :
"Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt."