August 9th, 2007


We can be Heros…

I watched Heroes last night and its simply the best thing on TV at the moment. It's glorious to see such an obviously well thought out plot and charaterisations come together on screen. I'm loving it and always watch the BBC3 next episode.

However a particularly key fx scene from episode 3 is really bugging me.

It was the scene where the Cheerleader underwent a graphic autopsy.
The quality of the makeup was very good but there were some fundamentally flawed aspects of the scene.

Firstly the Y incision was made and the skin and sub dermal layers were simply lift back, there was absolutely no action to represent the peeling back of cutting through the connective tissues or layers of the skin from the underlying anatomy.

Second since it was a teenage girl being examined, the fx team should have supplied a corpse makeup which had at least some representation of breast tissue….and there was none – either on/above the rib cage or affixed to the underside of the dermis.

Third. The open-chest make up was very obviously applied over the young actress’s own breasts and the overhead camera angle combined with operation theatre style lighting clearly shows two breast shaped lumps beneath the rib cage.
This was the worst aspect of the FX shot. The production crew should have set up the shot so that the actresses head and shoulders and arms were on the gurney while her body was concealed below the gurney top – allowing for a false body with proper anatomy to be attached – as was so famously done with John Hurt in the Film Alien.

Granted the application as used allowed for the actress to move and act on the table without the need for CGI or an expensive body rig – but ultimately the shot was spoilt for not be more carefully staged.

It’s nit picking - but to anyone knowing what they were looking at it narked…big time.