July 31st, 2007


*Sung* Why don't you Switch off your PC and Go and do Something Less Boring instead...

If by 'interesting' you mean arrange to remove the broken up remnants of my old bathroom and smelly old Lav from the front garden (and back passage where there are several sacks of waste dumped) and drive it to the municipal dump, you'll understand why sitting in my dust covered house, surfing watching DVDs (Dr Who, Quel Surprise!) and pretending its all gone all ready, makes far more sense.

Maybe I'll go and open that spare TARDIS....after all a man can never have too many.....


(PS: no tittering about the back passage eh ! there's a good internet!......it would be wayyyyy to easy)

Friends Reunited

Yesterday I got to catch up with an old friend and his family and it was great, the years just peeled back…and it was like no time had passed except his kids had grown up so much.

Kaush, a mutual friend of Caddyman and I used to work in the Same Government Towers but emigrated to the USA Miami in 1999 to join his Mother who had been living out there for a while.

I went to stay with them in 2000 for a fortnight but have not been back since so it was fantastic to catch up yesterday…nothing special just hanging out with them before they head back to the USA on Friday.

Saurov his sun was just 3 last time I saw him and is now 10 and quite the little IT expert taking after his Dad and Joita his daughter was only 1 and a bit .. and is now a shy but beautiful little girl. After a long chat we headed off to sort out Kaush's driving license (but couldn't without a passport.. so returned for a fish and chip lunch…I don't think they get fish and chips Stateside. We watched the Bush Brown speech on Sky after lunch…and even Joita commented that bush was an idiot…intelligent young girl !

Then Kaush, Saurov and I headed into Basildon with a passport to sort his license. While there I took Saurove to Toys R US (looking for a spare Doctor fig for Bry of course!! PS sorry no luck yet) and bought him a couple of dragon thingies in an egg for him and his sister….who apparently prefers boys toys than girlie stuff…

Then back to Laindon for tea and then left them get on with their day. Hopefully we'll be hooking up again on Thursday when we'll all go off to see the Simpson's and have a family dinner at their house. ..I juts need to find someone to House Sit while the tiller is working Thursday afternoon !

It was really great to see them again even if it was only for a few hours. Kaush sends his regards Bryan….and I think he'll be returning to the UK before too long once his green card is through giving him the ability to flit Stateside whenever..

A great day yesterday.

Ladies and Gentlemen Prey Silence for an Announcement...

Ladies and Gentlemen Prey Silence for an Announcement...

"Classic addition to Doctor Who range

BBC Worldwide is delighted to announce that Character Options, one of the UK’s leading toy companies, will be launching a fantastic range of classic Doctor Who figures.

The 5” figures range will initially include detailed replicas of classic Doctors, plus a number of monsters and will be launched in the spring of 2008.

As master toy licensee Character has enjoyed immense success alongside BBC Worldwide through its Doctor Who range of products and predicts a hugely positive response to the new collection.

Commented Jon Diver, Joint Managing Director at Character Group: "The resounding success of the Doctor Who TV series is made up of both new and existing Doctor Who fans. We have reacted to public demand and will be producing a range to the depth and quality of our existing line. The classic licence will broaden the collectibility and enhance the position of the brand.”

*there follows a moment of silence*

*then litterally bounces around the room Tigger-like with excitement !*