July 25th, 2007


Oh Dear me....

Oh dear me.

It’s all getting a bit too much at the moment.

The bathroom is in bits and I'm haemorrhaging money …. £1,600 and rising.

It's frightening how quick it all mounts up....but so far, one and a half grand has bought me, a bath, a WC cistern, a WC pan, a WC seat, a wash basin, a wash basin pedistal, a shower valve and squirty thingy on a hose, a shiny towel rail and a couple of taps....and a bit of plastic called a bath panel for (that was £80 on it's own !).....and no they are't made out of gold !!!!

On top of this I've 5x25kg bags of plaster an 18" plasterers trowel and a plastered sponge ....bargain atapprox £70 .....kerching...

and tomorrow I'll be splashing out another £500 on wall tiles and floor tiles and sundry tiling stuff.....

Then it'll cost me another £800 to get the frikkin room plastered and put the tile s up...or about £400 if I do the plastering myself.

The post office still hasn't sent me my cheque so this is all going ona stupid credit card ..... and I still have to pay a plumber £1000 to have all this $hit installed

At work there’s a ton of stuff which I should have done, in between helping out on bits n pieces for others. I’m shattered stressed and trying to clear my desk of tasks before going on a weeks leave next week.

Well I say leave but it’s more like a week of trying to get the bathroom finished….which frankly is wishful bleedin’ thinking.

....and I still haven't managed to get my friends driving license sorted out.

I’m fed up....and just a teensey weensey bit stressed.....