July 20th, 2007


Teeeeerrrrrrrific !

Great...there's torrential rain, thunder and lightening and the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse are wending their way across London as the Skies Darken and the deluge is unleashed……

I must be about to head of to Chiswick to oversee an Open Air Fencing Demonstration ……

Wunderbar !

Buggerific !

How is that Possible.

Two Hours Ago the sky was a black-green the street lights were coming on and the Building here suffered "serious Water ingress" ....a sod off great leak in the roof to us mere mortals.....leading to lackies running around pinching waste bins and recycling bins to catch the water pooring through the ceilings of Ministerial Office.

While I was up for fencing in the pouring rain because a) I'm hardcore and b) I'm mental like that .....the powers wot be pulled the plug meaning we have to stay at work

Now....Brilliant sunshine, blue sky, fwuffy ickle clouds..... and an afternoon stuck in the office rather than drinking at Chiswick 'swamp' and fencing like a loon.

Triffic !