July 16th, 2007


Monday Stuff and Nonsense.....

Ah Monday again....triffic...not.

Just a couple of things to start off with.

The Metro carried an article today about a London Lawyer who swam 1 Km at the North Pole in sea water that was -1.8c...... To draw the world attention to Global warming.

He is quoted as saying "I hope that it will inspire world leaders to take climate change seriously."

Well Mr Pugh I'm sure they will take it seriously the health and safety implications of holiday makers and oil drilling companies working in such a hostile environment doesn't bare thingking about....tell you what I'll boil a few extra kettles have a bonfire and up my intake of baked beans to see if we can't expedite a slight ocean temp rise for you so that you can perhaps manage more than 40 lengths ....SLACKER.

(I wonder if he has any brothers : Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub ????)

Also I suspect I will be coming down with a cold fairly soon on account of the little Indian woman who sat opposite me on the train this morning.

She sniffled and twitched for a bit, before letting out a huge sneeze which covered her front in snot and slime......fortunately for me I was 45 degrees outside the firing line and the seat in front of her was vacant ....had anyone been sitting there it would have been like that scene out of Jurassic Park where poor Lex gets snotted over by when a brachiasaur with a cold sneezes on her....nice.

Seriously people....cover your damn nose....


The whole bleedin' planet seems to be going on about it at the moment and I'm still not actually sure what it for really..... but I'm on it !

*Does a little victory dance .... and stops because it really does make me look very silly*

I still can't work out how to post things on it, and I dislike, on moral grounds, the idea of drawing on anybody's wall ....thats what Happy Slappy Hoodies with ASBOs do isn't it ?

I see a few people have added me to the List.... Face book is asking me how I know Mozzy and Robert......

Well Mozzy's a middle eastern guy who makes my hunting kives for me and Robert (of Irish descent) and I used to make high explosives and launch high powered rockets from Farthing Downs ......

So that's me about to be arrested by the Nanny State's Thought Police, issued with a rather fetching orange jump suit and banged up for the next 90 days.....

But I am still trying to fathom out what exactly it is and how if at all it differs from Live Journal, Faceparty, Friends Reunited ?

It seems like it could be yet another web presence the login details of which I will forget eventually !!