July 10th, 2007



Phew …what a weekend. 
I’ve been on the go every darned minute and I’m exhausted.
I was supposed to leave work early on Friday night to be home by 5pm to let the plumber have a third go at stemming the leaking pipes under the bath.
As it was, a minor crisis at work meant that I had to phone him and postpone his visit until Saturday Morning.  So I got home late   on Friday and just chilled.
Saturday Morning I was up early and knowing that I had  lots to do, and given that Saturday felt like the first time in weeks that the rain has held off long enough to get washing  dried out side I put a  couple of loads through the Machine.
Plumber turned up at 10. He fixed the leaks (no more leakage so far!)  and we went over the  things I need to order for the Bathroom Refit.
After he’d gone I had to wait to get the washing out and then   headed off to the plumbers merchant. I collected a baffling array of catalogues full of shiny and expensive stuff and then headed into Croydon to check out some bargain taps which the old man had spotted. The were ok but not a patch on the ones at the shop room so then headed home. Had a v late lunch and then headed off to the Tile showroom, collected a few samples called in at the old folk’s home and left at about 6:15 for Sainsbury’s.
Got home at about 8 pm made a quick dinner and started thumbing through bathroom catalogues.
Sunday morning up early more washing out on the line dashed up to see my Grandma and saw Antony and Sarah who’d come to visit her then back home and got down to some  serious destruction….
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I won’t be fencing tonight …instead I think I will be  taking a view  about the state of my Bathroom walls and popping over to wicks for some plaster.
Do I knock off the remaining plaster back to brick….or do I patch in and  repair and then sand like a ba$tard  what’s left  and skim…..
If anyone has practical experience of such things please feel free to chip in…..


I can't post...I can't Post...

I can't post... I can't Post... Only thing about me is the way that I walk.... Despite numerous attempts to post yesterday I'm still stuck on Rich text mode and I'm unable to post to Live Journal from the Office. The Post to LJ option is stuck on Rich Text and any attempt to type and then post results in an irritating error message saying I need to post some text. Well it’s not for the want of bleedin trying…trust me!