July 6th, 2007


All you have to do is Shoot Straight...

Ok long story as to why I'm up this late…hopefully it will all have been unnecessary….that's another story.

Plumber didn't turn up btw…typical…mean while here is the third of tonight's product review as promised.

Here are some quick snaps of the metal and ABS plastic M2019 B.R.U Blaster as carried by Rick Deckard in the film Blade Runner.

It cost a smidgen over £100 with the current exchange rate, and had to be purchased now, before The Violent Crime Reduction Bill prevents the purchase of such props from overseas in October. Thank you Nazi Nanny State !

The prop is ok but it is not worth £100. £40 definitely… maybe £59 …at a push…. But it's just too plastic and too model-like for the dough !

It's got a good weighty feel to it, but there is give in the model….which is a little disappointing…it should feel solid as a rock and not wobble so much !

However given that this is going to be a display piece rather than a working prop it will do…. Now on to the pics…

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Right Side View

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3/4 rear view ( chamber detail)

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Left side View in hand

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Left Side View

Time to bag me a skin-job…

Who's Who and What's What

I was up until silly o'clock this morning shifting boxes of action figures up into the loft and try and clear my studio / spare bedroom in case I had a guest staying with me for a few days.

A friend from fencing had his lease terminated recently and was supposed to move into a new place last week but at the point of moving in and collecting the keys from the estate agent the landlord's solicitor halted the process leaving my mate high and dry. So for the last week he's been bombing around (not literally of course - that would be the exploding fatwa pixies) looking for a new pad.

Yesterday morning he collard me and asked if the worst came to the worst could he crash (again not literally…. that would be the conflagrant fatwa pixies) at my place until his flat situation was resolved. Well Robs a nice guy and I didn't want to let him down so I agreed. But what he and probably few people probably realise is that I have to fill my bedroom up with crates of action figures and shite to maintain the illusion that I in fact live in some pristine Ikea showroom. Reality couldn't be further from the truth…..as evidenced from three recent posts which illustrated how yet another 4 cubic feet of living accommodation is now occupied by completely unnecessary but undoubtedly 'shiny' stuff.

However while I was up in the loft I found a crate of missing Doctor Who videos and as if to affirm what a mass of contradictions I am I set to preparing an ordered list of the untold mass of chaos that are my belongings…..

(BTW Robert phoned me this afternoon to say that his move went smoothly and that my spare bed wasn't needed….relief all round…. However the loft is completely full…you couldn't get a sausage in there (well to be honest you probably could), certainly I can't fit in there…and attempt to enter the space now requires crates to be moved around your person in one giant form of Human Tetris…God help me if I get trapped up there….I'll need the fire brigade to rescue me… 

Where was I? ...Oh yes the List...

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