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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

I Don't understand !
What exactly are "vanilla DVD releases" in relation to the re-issued DVDs of Classic Doctor Who Episodes.

Old Style DVD Release for Revalation of the Daleks at £17.99 -£20
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New Vanilla style DVD Release for Revalation of the Daleks £8.99 -£9.99
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But why Vanilla for goodness' sake...I don't understand !

I have noticed that the prices of many Classic Who Episodes have come down dramatically .....as evidenced by the 7 I ordered in the recent HMV sale.

I'd buy more to so long as it was clear that they weren't being issued minus the extras or anything else... and to be honest I don't like the new look covers.

I have done a bit of googling and there is an inference that the new designs are just a card slip covers over the old disc....but no confirmation.....

It's the End of the World as we know it....and I feel fine.
Well thats 10 minutes of my lunch time I won't be getting back.

I have just followed the advice of the Intranet and logged on to the Act on Co2 (http://actonco2.direct.gov.uk/carboncalc/html/index.aspx) calculator to see just what sort of environmental damage I’m wreaking.

The result is as follows:

My CO2 result is 6.66 tonnes per year
Your target footprint total is 5.32 tonnes per year

Home Appliances Travel
Your Carbon Footprint 4.83 1.24 0.59
Target Footprint 3.86 0.99 0.47
National Average 2.00 0.68 1.79

Tonnes per year

This is all very well but I want this translated into something that means something to me.

I mean what does 6.66 tons of a gas look like ? How many gas canisters would that fill and is it safe to transport them around in a Merc or leave them parked in London Streets ? …….I’m just asking !

I need these number translated into something that means something…you know…like numbers of Penguins made homeless, how many merecats are miserable because of me ? or X number of Bengal tigers are X days closer to extinction because I prefer to buy books and DVDs rather than fit double glazing….

PS why didn't it offest any of my extensive water saving, composting and recycling measures ?

Oh well...

"It's the End of the World as we know it....and I feel fine"

Doctor Who Series 3 Action Figures Waves 1 & 2
Ok well here is the first of three product review Posts for tonight… brought to you in association with 'waiting for the blinkin' plumber to show up…..again'…More on that another time.

So with season three of Doctor Who now aired, Character options have released waves 1 and 2 or their Season Three Action figures.

Character Options picked up the license for the New Series of Doctor Who and started releasing figures static posed figures with very limited articulation and detail. However with each wave of figures released the details, likenesses and articulation and painting have got better and better. Figures such as chip Cassandra and the Sycorax leader regularly fetch in excess of £50 on Evil bay making it one of the best quality and most sought after lines of action figures out there.

There are eight figures in the first two waves of Season Three figures.

1.The Doctor (In Blue Suit red Allstar Chucks and Glasses)
2. Martha Jones
3. Judoon Captain
4. Judoon Trooper
5. Dalek Sec Human Hybrid
6.Dalek Thay ('Damaged'/removed Panels)
7. Lileth the Carionite
8. Novice Hame (Cat Nun…with a gun!)

These will go on general release over the next few weeks. But I was lucky enough to pick seven of the eight from the Entertainer in Wimbledon on Saturday at £7.95 each and Lilith from Toys r Us Croydon yesterday at £6.95.

For collectors out there Lilith is the short packed figure and Dalek Thay is the peg warmer !

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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..and to think I have deprved a kiddie somewhere of his toys....MMMWWWAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

Silliness...but Cool !
Ok Well you'll all have heard of Russian Nesting Dolls or Matryoshka dolls.
You know the sets of wooden dolls that when opened contain smaller and smaller Dolls….

They're a bit chinsey aren't they…not very cool….or are they ?
Years ago I saw sets based on the Cold War leaders of the Super powers Thatcher Reagan and Yeltsin, which were pretty cool….but…what if you did a set based on…STAR WARS….

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How cool are they now ?!

Ok ok…these are a bit silly but kind of kool at the same time…South Park Styled Star Wars Matryoshka dolls…..….now I think I'm tempted to get some blank dolls and try a Doctor Who version as I have seen an interesting set of South Park style Doctors !