July 2nd, 2007


Mister Postman, look and see (Oh yeah) If there's a letter in your bag for me

W-Hoooooo ! DVDs have arrived !

Better late than never I s'pose....but given the waiting around for the plumber at the weekend I could have made good use of the DVDs which have just been delivered.

Doctor Who: Dalek Invasion Earth 2150ad - (William Hartnell)
Doctor Who: Three Doctors - Jon Pertwee: Patrick Troughton: William Hartnell
Doctor Who: Two Doctors - Colin Baker: Patrick Troughton
Doctor Who: Horror Of Fang Rock - Tv Sci Fi: Tom Baker
Doctor Who: Five Doctors - Peter Davison, Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton, , Tom Baker,Richard Hurndall as William Hartnell
Doctor Who: Resurrection Of The Daleks - Peter Davison
Doctor Who (Dr): TV Movie - Sylvester McCoy - Paul Mcgann

At £7.99 a pop it would have been rude not to purchase these ;o)

HMV are doing a whole load of other Classic Who DVDs at £7.99 - I may think about picking up a few more. I finished rewatching Earthshock last week (and all the extras that came with it) for the first time since broadcast and is was fab seeing stuff that I remembered so clearly from my yoof. I must go up to the loft and dig out more of my McCoy, Davidson and Colin Baker Videos !....or I could just replace them witr DVDs.

You've done a man's job, sir. I guess you're through, huh?

My 86 year old Grandma has just phoned me to tell me that she's just taken delivery of my latest Ebay purchase. I'm glad she phoned to say it's safe....and that it was delivered....well normally shall we say...for it was not the sort of delivery you'd expect to make to a little grey haired granny.....and at least it was delivered by a postman and not a SWAT team..... for the item in question could, given the events of the last few days have caused a bit of a stink had it been x rayed !!!!!...

...My M2019 Blade Runner Unit 'blaster' has arrived !

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Out of the Box

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Side Shot Showing the fully functional breech and working LEDs

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3/4 shot ('scuse the pun) Showing the internal workings of the revolver)

...Tis a thing of beauty to be sure.

As for being through with this kind of thing - You're kidding aren't you ? I've got to find the money to afford every frickin replica firearm I'm ever likely to need BEFORE the Thaought Nazi's illegalise anything more substantial than a blinking water pistol in October 2007.

Sadly because I'm running the fencing clubs tonight I won't be able to get my mitts on this untol tomorrow night....grrrrrrrr But when I do I think I shall have to put the DVD on play shoot all those nasty replicants.....

In the meantime woe-betide anyone who calls trying to sell door to door......they'll be met by Granny with Guns ! ( I may have to get a picture of that !!!)

"They don't advertise for killers in the newspaper. That was my profession. Ex-cop. Ex-blade runner.".......

and belive it or not I do actually need a new trench coat at the moment so I sort of fancy one of these....