July 1st, 2007


The Last of The Timelords - spoiler free


Last nights conclusion to season three was brilliant and totally rescused and tied up with really stunning bows what had appeared to be some serious omisions and dangling plot threads from previous episodes.

With more unexpected and unimagined twisty plot twists than a very tangleds thing ... it was sublime Doctor Who.

I have to say I sniffled at several points in last nights epsiode, I also hooted and jumped out of my seat at some of surpirse twists and applauded as if it were a stage play. Televison which makes me invest that degree of emotion to the extent that that last few episodes have are wonderful marvelous...fantastic..and should be aplauded....I'll stop gushing now.

It wasn't perfect - I dislike the primary colour lighting scheme they seem to favour but by God it's going to seem like a long way to Christmas.......sigh

Hurrah for Who !