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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

The Nutty Proffessor .....
Spoiler Free.....ish

Seriously though...

OK the Middle part of three Part Stories can often be a bit of a let down (See Pirates of the Caribbean!) especially on Telly ...neither thn exciting start nor the explosive climax....but often part 2 of 3 is the hangey-wangey, middle-fiddle....

Tonight's Docotor Who kind of went a bit Waaaaaaaaay over-board for my liking....bit too extreme.

Liked the Screwdriver envy and the nod to a certain Gerry Anderson show....S.I.G !

Other than that I look forward to a conclusion next week.

After tonights show I'm just a bit dissapointed given the superb quality of recent weeks. I have had issues with the 'directing' of tonight's episode and the script and the characterisation....

But my goodness that was one of the best old age prosthetic make ups I've ever seen on TV or at the movies! Well done Neill Gorton !

.....I wish I worked for him !